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Check Out Our Farmers Market Section!

Farmers Market Langford BC
We’ve got a farmers market section at Westshore Swap, Shop, and Market and you should really check it out. Granted, we’re not exclusively a farmers market. We’re a family-friendly public event serving the Westshore, including Langford, Colwood, Sooke, and Metchosin. But with our great climate and the equally impressive people who live here, we’d be remiss not to say that, yes, we’ve got local produce at WSSM. And we think you may salivate when you see it.

Local Vendors At Westshore Swap, Shop, and Market

If you’re a local farmer, contact us – we’d love to work with you. And if you’re visiting us, here’s what you can expect at WSSM: Local Produce – Greens, dear friend. Think kale, spinach, lettuce, Swiss Chard, arugula, savoy cabbage and green, leafy vegetables. You’ll also find radishes, fruits, berries, mushrooms, seedlings, herbs and spices, and some of the most delicious carrots on the planet. Eggs – Looking for eggs from a farmers market? You may find them here. Deli – What’s a farmers market without a meats section? We work with farmers that sell poultry, pork, sausages and other delicious items. Flowers – What do you get when you mix southern Vancouver Island’s fertile soil with our mild climate? A great growing environment for beautiful flowers. Perfect for Mother’s Day (don’t forget to tell Mom you love her!), date night and simply making your house look vibrant. Coffee – Attention coders, writers, web designers and artists. We work with vendors that sell coffee at Westshore Swap, Shop, and Market. After all, it is cruel and unusual punishment to wake up without two cups of coffee – and maybe a few more throughout the day. We wouldn’t know anything about that (well, maybe yes)…but stop by our farmers market section regardless. Wine – BC grapes are some of the best around. And the wine vendors we work with at Westshore Swap, Shop, and Market make absolutely stunning wines you’ll appreciate off-site!

Is it Cheaper to Buy Food at a Farmers Market Than a Grocery Store?

Some items can be cheaper at a farmers market than from a grocery store. In our experience, you’ll find tastier produce at a farmers market than from a grocery store, with the added bonus of keeping things local, while you also support a local farm. The quality tends to be higher, as it’s fresher, because it’s quicker to transport, from the farm, to market, and from there, to your table. On that point, we’ve found that herbs, apples, tomatoes, honey, green leafy vegetables and local, grass-fed beef are generally cheaper at a farmers market than if you bought them in a supermarket that may source these same products from another province – or country. We’re into keeping things fresh and local here at Westshore Swap, Shop, and Market. We’ve got a farmers market section and we’re not afraid to use it – and if we can help you save money or put the freshest, most delicious and nutritious foods on your table while we do it, even better!
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